Our Story


Launched in 2007 to manage purpose-built tenant accommodations throughout the GTA.

Plain-speaking, proactive and upfront, bringing a new energy and level of service to the tenant accommodation sector.

We pride ourselves on delivering high levels of service, security and attention to detail, in cities all over the GTA and beyond.

We listen to our tenants, their families and the universities, striving to be clear in all our communications.




We want to change the way accommodation is provided for tenants, raising people’s expectations about service, quality and communication.

We want tenants to find renting a property from us incredibly easy and we want them to feel safe, comfortable and looked after. We want their parents to have peace of mind and we want the students to recommend us to other people.


We try to make everything we do as clear and upfront as possible.

From our plain-speaking name to the refreshingly simple job titles on our team’s badges, we want tenants who rent from us to understand what they’re getting and who they’re talking to at all times.





Our team of experienced professionals strive to provide the services you expect from a property management company.

We have been proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 10 years. You have our commitment we will do our very best to make your experience effortless.





We have a proven management model that focuses on rigorous cost control, best practices in student life, and the maximization of non-student generated revenue that when combined, make a significant contribution to both a positive bottom  line and enhanced student experience.

However, our success is only possible through the establishment of close working relationships with our institutional partners, ensuring that our goals and objectives are aligned, and that “complementary” cultures are evident that will ultimately contribute to sustained success.