Requirements for Applicants

Requirements for Applicants

The following is required for each applicant over the age of 18:








Photocopy of government issued ID

The following list below is from the ServiceOntario website. This list entails all of the acceptable documents that can be considered as government issued ID. When creating your application please provide a copy of one of the following:





Photocopy of Social Insurance Card

The following photo is an example of a Social Insurance Card, which is another document that you must have in order to be an applicant.








Job Letter

Please provide a copy of your Job Letter to prove that you have evidence for your employment. Proof of employment allows Stallion to determine whether or not you are an ideal tenant that can make monthly rent payments. Stallion will only accept clients that can prove they can sufficiently pay for residency or have a Guarantor.









3 Most Recent Pay Stubs

Please provide your three most recent pay stubs to prove that you are earning an income, which can be used to make your rental payments.








Last three months prior to move in date of your current bank statements

Please provide your three most recent bank statements to demonstrate that you are actively using your bank account with incoming deposits and outgoing payments.  






Copy of ownership of all applicant’s vehicle

Please provide a copy of ownership of your vehicle. Ensure that you provide Stallion with all necessary documentation in order to be considered as an applicant.





Credit Score Protocol

Part of your Requirements for Application & Co-Applicant require that you provide Stallion a copy of your Credit Score. Your credit score provides a fair representation of your ability to make payments, determines what loans you will qualify for and what interest rates you will pay. Please ensure that you have created and provided the correct documentation as it is important that you provide the correct legal documentation to conduct business with Stallion.






1. You can find your Credit Score by accessing our company website.








2. Click on the Contact Us tab and then click the Equifax Credit Score tab.










3. When you access Equifax, you will have to create your own profile.












4. Note that in order to attain your Credit Score, Equifax will have a service charge of $23.95 CAD.










5. Start filling out the information by inputting your First Name, Last Name, and Male or Female.







6. Continue by filling out all the information regarding your address.










7. Fill out all the information regarding your SIN # (optional), Date of Birth, and Contact number.






8. Finally, click the continue button to proceed after you have filled out all of the required sections.









9. This is the home page that you will have access to after you finish creating your account and filling out all the other necessary articles of information required from you.







10. Proceed to print you Credit Score by clicking the Print Report & Score button on the top right of your home page.









11. After you click the Print Report & Score button, a printable page will open.










12. Click the Print This Page button to print out your Credit Score.









13. Click the Print button and retrieve your copy of your Credit Score from your printer.








14. Finally, ensure that you submit your Credit Score to the Stallion leasing department at